The Friends of the Vietnam Veterans reported that the Vietnam Moving Wall memorial will come to Washington this September.

Tim Buddemeyer, committee cochair, told the city council Monday night that the wall will be in Washington Sept. 19-23. The memorial will be set up on the midway of the fairgrounds.

The wall stands 6 feet in height at the center and gradually tapers to 4-foot panels at each end.

Each of the two walls that make up one structure is 126.2 feet long, for a total of 252.4 feet. There are 58,228 names on the wall, the same as on the wall in Washington, D.C. A total of 22 Franklin County Vietnam veterans were killed in the war.

The committee had to submit an application to reserve the wall by the end of 2012. Buddemeyer noted that six years ago, it took Pacific three applications before their request could be granted; however, Washington’s request was accommodated on the first try.

“We are bringing The Moving Wall here to honor and respect those that made the ultimate sacrifice through remembrance and education,” said Melanie Trentmann, committee secretary. “By bringing The Moving Wall to Washington, we are giving many people an opportunity they would never have.”

Buddemeyer told the council that 10,000 people per day could potentially visit the moving wall.

An early estimate on displaying the wall is a minimum of $40,000.

Donations are still being accepted. Those who wish to donate may send checks to Friends of the Vietnam Veterans, PO Box 1225, Washington, MO 63090.