The Washington Special Road District will soon start work on a project to make safety improvements to a section of Pottery Road.

Work is expected to begin July 2 and take about six weeks to complete, depending on how much rain there is.

“Everything is weather-related on this project,” said Road District Commissioner Bernie Westhoelter. “We are shooting to have it done by the time school starts.”

About 2,260 vehicles per day travel the section of road where the work will be, Westhoelter said.

The work will be done by Richard Kleinheider Construction of Washington for $242,856, which was the lowest of three bids.

The other bidders were Gershenshon Construction of Eureka, $273,858; and Cannon General Contractors of Troy, $279,961.

The project involves lowering a hill to improve visibility and making a curve less sharp.

The curve is currently almost a 90-degree angle, Westhoelter said, and has created a problem with large trucks and trailers going off the road and onto private property.

The section of Pottery Road where the work will take place will be closed for the entire 1,300-foot length of the project except to those who live in the zone.

Curb and gutter and 2 inches of new pavement also will be added along the stretch, Westhoelter said.

The boundaries of the project are 1,200 feet north of the Highway A intersection and 1.6 miles south of the Highway 100 intersection.

The work is being funded out of the road district’s budget and hopefully with the help of a Franklin County Transportation Committee grant.

The deadline for the grant applications is July 1. The county transportation committee makes recommendations on which projects will get grants, which are funded each year out of 5 percent of the county’s capital improvement sales tax.

The county commission has the final say on which projects get grants, and that decision may come around September.

Westhoelter said he does not expect there will be a big problem with the road district getting the grant. The work will be done by the time the road district knows whether it gets the grant.

Westhoelter said the road district is in the process of applying for the grant, but he did not know for how much.

The road district hopes to be done with the project before school starts back to accommodate traffic from buses and teachers.