Three Washington teens are charged in felony warrants with the burglary of a Marthasville convenience store.

The three were arrested and questioned after the owner identified one of the men, a store employee, from a surveillance video.

According to a report, the owner of S & R convenience store, Kurt Schwoeppe, contacted the Warren County Sheriff’s Office on Dec. 8 after discovering more than $500 in cash and some checks missing from the store’s freezer. Schwoeppe and a sheriff’s deputy watched a surveillance video from the previous night and Schwoeppe was able to identify a man on the tape as store employee Jasper Meyer-Coates.

Meyer-Coates, 17, allegedly told a second suspect, Corey Reiling-Clark, 17, that money was hidden in a freezer. Meyer-Coates then allegedly hid Reiling-Clark in a store cooler and instructed him to wait until the store was closed.

A third man, Jacob Fuse, 17, allegedly picked up Meyer-Coates and Reiling-Clark and the three men reportedly went to an unknown location in Washington to divide the money, authorities allege.

The three men were charged with second-degree burglary and felony stealing. Their bonds were set at $20,000 in the case.