The Washington City Council Monday night accepted two bids for work to be completed at the Agnes Nolting Aquatics Complex.

Westport Pools, Maryland Heights, was awarded a $60,000 contract construct a water play area at the city pool.

The play area will be in place of the wading pool. There will be no standing water.

The Americans With Disabilities Act requires that wading pools have a ramp into the pool. To meet the requirements with the current wading pool, much of the decking would have to be torn out.

Upgrading the wading pool would have cost about the same, according to Darren Dunkle, parks director.

Construction is set to begin Feb. 1 and be complete by May 10.

The project will include six directional jets that will throw streams of water 10 to 12 feet from six different directions; a deck weave, which is a ground sprayer; two pop jets, which form a ball of water 2 to 4 feet above-ground; two calyx sprays, that send 12 small streams from a 1-inch circle; and two rooster tail sprays that have 11 sprays in one that spray up to 12 feet high.

Funds for the project were budgeted in the 2012-13 parks budget in the half-cent capital sales tax fund. Westport Pools was the only vendor to submit a bid.

The company worked with the city of Washington with the design and completion of the water slide, lazy river and water play area in the leisure pool. Its sister company, Midwest Pool Management, has been managing the facility.


The second contract awarded was with Schilli Plastering Company, Maryland Heights, to resurface the leisure pool. The $35,763 bid, was the only one submitted.

The project involves removing the existing surfacing and installing new surfacing.

The company will use a “pebble sheen” in which tiny pebbles are fused together and then buffed to create the pool surface.

Work on the resurfacing project is scheduled to be complete by May 10.

The city council approved both contracts without discussion.