Parks department officials continued working on updating fees and charges and the revenue and pricing policy.

The revenue and pricing policy hasn’t been updated in several years. A park board subcommittee is working to create consistency in the policies.

Once the policies are adopted, they will be reviewed on an annual basis.

“What we had out there before was a free-for-all, and it’s really hurting the operations of the department,” said Darren Dunkle, parks director.

Bob Kloeppel, board member, asked during a committee meeting March 28, if organizations would be notified of the changes prior to the adoption of any plan.

Dunkle said that once the committee agrees, organizations will be asked for comment prior to moving forward.

“I have ongoing conversations with these groups,” Dunkle said. “It’s not going to be a bomb that’s dropped on people.”

“We’re definitely not trying to price people out of sports,” added Dan Cassette, board member.

Changes in pricing will be minimal, Dunkle said.

“I think the committee has done a great job in taking a look at something that really hasn’t been very good for some time,” said Sparky Stuckenschneider, board member. “The pricing was all over the map before.”

Other members agreed that the policy review was needed and commended the subcommittee for taking a thorough look at the fees and charges.

The subcommittee was formed in January to study the fees and charges. Updated fees will be based on square footage, capacity, amenities, conditions and other factors; however, no final decisions have been made.

The subcommittee consists of Cassette, Tessie Steffens, Debbie Toedebusch and Mark Hidritch, Washington City Council liaison.