The city of Washington has been issuing municipal court summonses to a resident who allegedly erected a fence and gate across city right of way several weeks ago.

The resident, Charles Schroepfer, is being issued citations daily for the municipal violations, authorities said.

Each citation is a separate offense and is punishable by a fine of up to $500.

A police department spokesperson said officers were directed to begin writing citations about a week ago. The citations are being mailed to Schroepfer.

City officials could not give the exact date when the fence and gate were erected, but said when they learned of it, Schroepfer was notified to remove the fence and gate from the city’s right of way on East Rose Lane.

East Rose Lane extends east from Camp Street and ends on property owned by Schroepfer that is east of the Wal-Mart shopping center.

As of Tuesday, Schroepfer had not taken down the gate and fence.

City Counselor Mark Piontek said Schroepfer, after he was notified, hired an attorney and challenged whether or not the fence and gate actually are on city right of way.

That led the city to conduct a title search of the property. Piontek said that search disclosed deeds dating back to the mid- to late-1800s in which the street right of way was dedicated to the city.

The city council voted Monday night to hold a brief executive session to discuss a legal matter related to East Rose Lane.