More than 900 people turned out over the three days of the Washington Home Show, held this past weekend at the city park auditorium.

“The actual number might be a bit higher since we didn’t have data collectors at every door, every minute,” said Amanda Griesheimer, marketing director for the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored the show.

“All in all, we’re very pleased with the turnout,” she said. “Overall, the vendors were very happy and got a lot of new leads.”

Griesheimer said the Chamber is grateful to the representatives of local organizations who participated in the public service booth “experiment.”

Participating groups included the Washington Urban Forestry Council, CASA, Washington Parks Department, Washington Senior Center, Washington Historical Society, United Way, Washington Fire Department, Downtown Washington Inc., Washington Public Library and Washington Tourism Division.

Representatives of each of the groups took shifts to work in the booth and answer questions and share information with the Home Show visitors.

“I think everyone is thrilled with how that turned out,” Griesheimer said. “We hope to be able to move that booth upstairs next year, if possible.”

Griesheimer said the demonstrations held throughout the weekend were well-received and added “a little something extra” to the show.

“Once again, the Home Show Hunt was very popular with all attendees — children and adults,” she said.

Griesheimer said a follow-up letter will be mailed to vendors, encouraging feedback from the event.

“We also welcome suggestions from the public,” she said.

Comments may be emailed to Tessie at the Chamber office,, or call 636-239-2715, extension 100.

The Chamber again sponsored a scavenger hunt for visitors with a chance to win a Washington Town and Country Fair season pass and round-trip tickets on Amtrak. Five $100 winners also were drawn.

Caitlin Huddleston won the two adult Amtrak tickets (roundtrip) to Jefferson City and Marlie Paxton won the child’s season ticket to the Washington Town and Country Fair.

The $100 winners were Nick Brueggemann, Jerry Brinker, Glenda Richard, Patricia Dzaugis and Harriet Noonan.

The show featured 39 vendors with a total of 46 booths.