A request for a temporary exemption from Washington’s new smoking ordinance is under advisement.

The city council voted unanimously Monday night to table the request from Lance Unnerstall of Town ’N Country Lanes who is asking the city to grant his business an exemption from the Washington Smoke-Free Air Act of 2013.

The council approved the measure at its Jan. 22 meeting and it is slated to take effect April 15.

Unnerstall, in a letter to the city, requested his business be exempted until June 1. He notes in the letter that the fall/winter leagues and the annual state tournament sponsored by the Missouri State United States Bowling Congress will be concluded no later than the end of May.

City Counselor Mark Piontek said that would require the council to amend the effective date of the ordinance to June 1 and that would apply to “everyone.”

“This state tournament will bring into our fine city approximately 2,400-plus lady bowlers over a six-week period,” Unnerstall said. All team events will be held at Town ’N Country Lanes and all doubles and singles events will be held at Oasis Lanes in Union, which does not have a smoking restriction, he noted in the letter.

“We completely support the city of Washington’s decision to enact a smoking ban,” Unnerstall said in the letter. “We will be more than happy to comply. But we hope you will let us start this on June 1, 2013.”

City Administrator Jim Briggs told the council that he wants to speak with Unnerstall before a decision is made and he asked that the request be tabled.

Object to Law

The council also received letters from four industries — Hellebusch Tool & Die Inc., Melton Machine and Control Company, GH Tool & Mold Inc., and Kluba Machine LLC  — to exempt their businesses from the new restrictions.

There was no discussion and council members were told to take time to read the letters and discuss the issue at an upcoming meeting.