City of Washington

City council members have endorsed the new comprehensive plan to help guide future growth and development of Washington.

During their meeting Monday night, members unanimously adopted a resolution of support for the plan which officially was approved last month by the city’s planning and zoning commission.

The plan board has the authority, by law, to adopt a city comprehensive plan.

Darren Lamb, the city’s community and economic development director, explained that this is the only time that the plan commission takes direct action on an issue. In all other instances, the board makes recommendations to the council which takes the final action.

Work on developing the new plan began more than 15 months ago when the city hired the Lang Gang consulting firm to direct the process, which included a series of meetings and other methods used to gain citizen input.

The plan features six focus segments: aesthetics, civic improvement, land use, transportation/infrastructure, parks/recreation/open space, and economic development. Each focus area has several goals and objectives to meet.

There are about 42 goals and 144 objectives. A future land use map and major street plan also are included in the plan.

The plan is designed to help city officials anticipate future land usage, which is beneficial when looking at zoning requests, as well as when the city is looking at its transportation networks and development.

The previous comprehensive plan was adopted 10 years ago.