The Washington Park Committee discussed several draft proposals on park and facility naming, dedications and memorials.

Revenue fees for use of park facilities also were discussed during the Dec. 20 meeting.

Parks Director Darren Dunkle explained to the committee the difference between the naming policy and the dedication and memorial policy.

The naming policy is for new parks and facilities or facilities that have not been named.

The dedication and memorial policy outlines how individuals would go about dedicating a park, park area or facility.

“I’ve looked at several other municipalities and how they’ve done it,” Dunkle said, noting that the policies are for review purposes only.

The draft dedication/memorial policy highlights length of time, facility elimination, rededication, plaque and sign guidelines, naming guidelines and other information.

The draft park naming policy highlights criteria for naming a park, area or facility after someone and the naming process, as well as permanent naming and park renaming.

There are no city ordinances that cover naming policies or memorial/dedication policies.

“I think it’s a good idea to have a policy, not only for now, but for the future,” said Sparky Stuckenschneider, board member.

The draft revenue and pricing policy and current fees and charges were presented

. “Some of it is not that much different than what we’ve been doing, to a degree, however, it has never been formalized,” Dunkle told the committee.

The draft policy develops a philosophy and explains how fees are determined, adjustments, special situations, prime time rates, definitions, competition and pricing, revenue sources, pricing methods, waivers, etc.

Committee members agreed that the current fees need to be evaluated, though not necessarily raised.

Dunkle said the first step is to create a policy, then look at the current fees and charges.

Little discussion on the policies took place. The committee wanted time to look over the documents and discuss all three draft policies at a later meeting.