UHS Mock Election

Union High School senior Alonnah Diez took part in the school’s mock election Tuesday. The social studies department was in charge of running the election with the help of UHS librarian Jean Taylor. More than half of the students schoolwide participated.

Union High School students selected Mitt Romney as president Tuesday during a mock election at the school.

The Romney and Paul Ryan ticket received 245 votes, or 55 percent, compared to Barack Obama and Joe Biden who received 179 votes, or 40 percent.

The UHS social studies department was in charge of running the election with the help of UHS librarian Jean Taylor.

All students were eligible to vote.  There were 484 students who participated. That is about 51 percent of the students at UHS.

Students could vote before school, in between classes, or during lunch. Voting began at 7:30 a.m. and ended at 2:30 p.m. The results were announced to the students at the end of the day.

There were 48 percent of the mock votes cast for Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, who received 214 votes. Republican Todd Akin received 186 votes, or 41 percent. Libertarian Jonathan Dine received 48 votes, or 11 percent.

More UHS students also voted for Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer in the U.S. House 3rd District House race. He received 67 percent of the vote, with 300 votes, compared to Democrat Eric Mayer who received 60 votes, or 15 percent; and Libertarian Steven Wilson who received 56 votes, or 13 percent.

In state elections, UHS students cast 212 votes, or 47 percent, for Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon. That is compared to 191 votes, or 43 percent, for Republican Dave Spence, and 43 votes, or 10 percent for Libertarian Jim Higgins.

Student also voted in favor of Proposition B, the tobacco tax increase. That issue won by a margin of seven votes with 189 in favor and 182 against.

Other state winners include Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, Shane Schoeller for secretary of state, Clint Zweifel for treasurer and Ed Martin for attorney general.

In Franklin County, Mike Schatz received 241 votes, or 54 percent, for second district commissioner. Teresa Connelly received 163 votes, or 36 percent.

Tom Copeland and Mary Jo Straatmann also were winners.

The UHS students voted in favor of the Developmental Services of Franklin County property tax increase.  There were 202 “yes” votes and 145 “no” votes.