The developers of Fricks Market new store may soon be able to move forward with site plans now that a committee has agreed to a proposed entrance.

The Union Personnel, Finance and Public Works Committee agreed to the request for a three-quarters access to the future Fricks location onto Church Street.

In March, aldermen amended street codes so there can be some exceptions to the distance between street access and intersections.

Officials began discussing a change to the street access code after a request by Fricks Market developers for an entrance to be placed 105 feet from an intersection. Current code calls for a minimum of 150 feet.

The proposed entrance, which must be approved by the board of aldermen, will allow vehicles to enter from northbound and southbound Church Street, but vehicles could only exit right to northbound Church Street.

The proposed access onto Church Street was included into the site plan due to the steep grade of the Fricks site. There will be an access to the store lot from Central Avenue, but Vondera Avenue has too much of a slope to put in an access, engineers have said.

Officials have said the major concern is the threat of a car crash between a vehicle turning southbound on Church Street from Vondera, and a vehicle exiting the Fricks parking lot onto Church Street.

The city committee recommended aldermen approve the site plan, under the condition that there be a three-way stop at Church Street and Grandview Drive. Now there is a stop sign southbound on Church Street, but no stop sign eastbound on Grandview nor northbound on Church Street.

Alderman Dustin Bailey questioned if the city could place a condition on the entrance approval and no longer allow any vehicle to exit if the area is deemed unsafe.

City Attorney Tim Melenbrink noted that the city can control all access to city streets, and could limit that access to entrance only.


Fricks Market will move from its current 21,000-square-foot building to the new location following construction.

The project will provide space for Fricks to expand, as well as to have a larger parking lot.

The new facility will have a 164-parking space lot, which is nearly double the number of spaces at the Locust Street location.

Plans began for the new Fricks location after an agreement with the Jim Trenary Automotive Group in Union.

Trenary divided its 8-plus acre property to provide a new location for Fricks Market, and built a new state-of-the-art facility at Central Avenue and Highway 47.