Although the snow Friday didn’t amount in much accumulation, Union R-XI Superintendent Steve Bryant said road conditions in the early morning hours were hazardous enough to call off school.

“It was one of those where they weren’t predicting much,” he said. “But there was some wet snow and the temperature was lower than we first thought it would be.”

Bryant said he, Transportation Supervisor Bob Vondera and Sherry Pope of First Student Inc. were out driving the roads between 3 and 4 a.m. Friday morning and all three of agreed the roads were slick in different areas where students might travel later that morning.

“I tried to pull a hill on the North Service Road and my vehicle spun all the way around,” he said. “Bob had some trouble on Independence and he slid off the roadway into a ditch. We had to have a tow truck pull him out. It was pretty treacherous.”

The roads were clear by about 9 a.m., Bryant said, but the district doesn’t have a late start schedule in place so a decision was made to call school off.“

If I’d planned a late start and it didn’t warm up, then we would have parents leaving kids at home expecting them to go to school later,” he said. “For the sake of the parents it’s (better) to call it off so they can make arrangements for their kids.”

Friday makes the third snow day for Union. School also was called off Feb. 21 and 22, when Franklin County was hit with several inches of snow, sleet and ice.

Spring break won’t be affected by snow days, however, because makeup days are scheduled at the end of the school calendar.

 The last day of school is now set for May 28, barring no more snow days.

“The students will have to come back the day after Memorial Day,” Bryant said. “That’s not the ideal situation, but it can’t be helped.”