With two business days to go before the filing deadline hits, St. Clair still does not have an actual race for voters to decide in April’s municipal election.

So far, in city, school board and other local elections, through midday Friday, the same number of candidates as openings have filed, and in most cases the filings have been by the incumbents.

The deadline is at the end of the business day on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

In the city of St. Clair, only incumbent Mayor Ron Blum has filed for that position. For the first time, the local mayor’s term will be four years instead of two. Blum is seeking his fourth term.

Ward 1 Alderman Zach Fuchs and Ward 2 Alderman Barb McGlenn have filed to retain their seats on the St. Clair governing board.

Municipal Court Judge A. David Arand also has filed to keep that position.

All of those terms are for two years.

In area school board filings, incumbents Danny Shadrick and Dave Hinson have turned in paperwork to seek re-election in St. Clair R-XIII, and Scott Schneider and Dan Short have done the same in Lonedell R-XIV. Those terms are for three years.

In the St. Clair Fire Protection District, one person has filed for the lone vacant position. If no one else declares his or her candidacy, Robin Jobe will replace Danny Gossett as board secretary.

In the local ambulance district, the three-year terms of Tim Davis and Brian Hinson expire in April. So far, those are the only two individuals who have filed.

The election is April 2.