The discussion centering on updated rules and regulations for massage therapy businesses in St. Clair will have to wait.

Because of a lack of a quorum, Monday’s scheduled St. Clair Planning and Zoning Board meeting was canceled. The next meeting will take place on March 11 in city hall.

City Building Inspector Jeremy Crowe said four of the board’s seven members could not attend Monday’s meeting because of conflicts. If needed, Mayor Ron Blum can sit in as a member to produce a quorum, but even with his presence on Monday, the board would have been one planner short.

According to city policy, four members besides Chairman Myrna Turner must be present in order to conduct business, or three members if Blum is present.

The board was scheduled to discuss massage establishments within the city limits and a proposed amendment regarding their regulations.

Currently, St. Clair has rules and regulations for massage businesses under Article V, Section 13 in its code of ordinances. The laws cover several areas, including definitions, licenses, fees, location of business and inspections. Under the proposed changes submitted by Crowe, some of the language is updated, changed and/or clarified.

Crowe said that existing laws originally were designed around an adult massage parlor that had come into the city years ago. He added that the intent of the changes is to make sure all massage operations in the city are legal.

Currently, Life’s Journey Massage, Unique Touch Therapy and The New U Salon offer message therapy as part of its business.