Charges are pending through the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney's Office after a methamphetamine lab allegedly exploded inside a Sullivan home early Sunday.

According to a press release from the Sullivan Police Department, local officers responded to a home on East Euclid Street at 3:12 a.m. on Feb. 24 after an anonymous tip was received.

Upon law enforcement's arrival, a strong smell associated with the clandestine production of methamphetamine was detected coming from the residence. The owner of the residence, a 55-year-old Sullivan woman, allowed officers inside, where they located a 29-year-old male who had suffered severe burns to his right arm and leg.

According to information from Sullivan police, officers observed fire damage to the kitchen area of the home as well as various components associated with the production of meth. The fire had occurred several hours prior to the officer’s having received the report, information stated.

Sullivan officers later determined that a 50-year-old Sullivan resident had been in the home at the time of fire and had left prior to the arrival of law enforcement. The 50-year-old male later was located and found to have suffered burns to his left hand and face.

Both men were transported to Missouri Baptist Hospital.

Arson and manufacturing a controlled substance charges are pending through the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.