For the second straight month, the St. Clair Planning and Zoning Board tabled a request dealing with a recommendation to vacate a portion of a downtown street because not enough information has been gathered.

During the board’s April meeting, planners continued to discuss Tom Ritter’s request that the city vacate a portion of undeveloped Nashville Street between Mill Hill Road and Maupin Street. Ritter said he owns property along that stretch and needs the street vacated so he can have access to his fence, which he wants to rebuild and maintain.

He said currently trees and underbrush growing on the undeveloped street prevent him from performing the work.

Planning board Chairman Myrna Turner said the street has not been used as such for at least 46 years.

Ritter provided the planners plat information, legal descriptions and certificates of title for his property. An aerial view of the area also was provided.

Questions have come up on exactly where the street runs as different plats and maps showed different locations of the street.

This month, questions surrounding utility easements were asked. City Inspector Jeremy Crowe also said that Matt Perkins, who owns the property on the other side of Nashville Street, is opposed to the vacation. Crowe said Perkins did not provide a reason.

City Attorney Kurt Voss questioned the utility easements, saying if the street is vacated, the easements are vacated as well. His concerns centered on if Ameren Missouri had a power line easement along the street and if the city had water and/or sewer lines running there.

“You just don’t vacate the street,” Voss said. “There are other things to consider. You have to have some documentation about waiving easements.”

Board members decided to table the request for a second month so utility companies could be contacted and the city could research water and sewer lines in the area.

Other Business

The planning board did make two recommendations to approve requests during its April 8 meeting. One was for a minor subdivision for Lawrence Huff while the other was for a site plan for St. Clair Storage LLC to add three additional enclosed storage buildings at 5 Peterson Court.

The planners had tabled Huff’s request in March so more information could be gathered. At that time, the board said it did not know what the land would be used for if divided.

The property in question is located at 1555 N. Commercial Ave. Information stated that Huff wants to divide the tract into 2-acre and half-acre parcels. The 2-acre parcel, would have access off of Reed Drive.

Huff told the board this month that his intent is to sell the half-acre strip of land to the adjoining property owner. With that said, board members unanimously approved the request.

In addition, the board approved St. Clair Storage’s request for the three additional units. Owner Jeff Vogelgesang said the new buildings will be constructed near existing buildings at the site in the St. Clair Industrial Park at 5 Peterson Drive.