Both the St. Clair Board of Aldermen and the city’s planning and zoning board will further review a request from landowner Jerry Landing to annex a parcel of property near the city’s west side so a recycling center can relocate there.

Planners discussed the annexation during their March meeting and tabled the issue with no decision. A public hearing was conducted by the aldermen before their last meeting in March. During that hearing, several individuals spoke, including two who own property nearby.

Landing’s property is located at 685 Gravois Ave. west of the former St. Clair Motel.

According to information provided during the planning meeting on March 11, the intent, if the land is annexed, would be to sell or lease the property to Poor Boyz Recycling so it can move its business from downtown St. Clair to that location.

Currently, Poor Boyz is located next to the Franklin County School of Cosmetology on South Main Street. City Inspector Jeremy Crowe said if the annexation occurs, the property would come in zoned agricultural.

From there, a conditional use permit would be needed.

Poor Boyz owners James Woods and Seth Crocker said they want to relocate because they need additional space to operate their business.

During the planning and zoning meeting, City Attorney Kurt Voss questioned whether the land was adjacent to other city property. If it isn’t, it cannot be annexed.

Crowe said Interstate 44 and its right of way is in the city limits, and the property touches there. City Administrator Rick Childers said the same thing during the public hearing.

Planners also were concerned about the lack of water and sewer near the site. Crowe said the nearest lines to the parcel were about 3,000 feet away. Planners, aldermen and Voss all agreed that a stipulation would have to be added to the annexation, if approved, that the city would not provide services to the property.

During their meeting, Voss urged the planners to make sure it is known that the city would provide no city services if annexed. He said that is legal with a voluntary annexation.

“They can use well and septic,” Crowe said.

During the public hearing, Woods and Crocker said they were fine with that.

“It will have to be a condition of the ordinance that there will be no water and sewer provided,” Childers said.

Aldermen also had concerns about additional heavy traffic on both Gravois Avenue and West Springfield Road.

During the hearing, James Ealer and Steve Dickey said they own nearby property. Both were concerned about the future appearance of the site if the recycling center would move there.

“I have no problem with this if they put up a presentable fence,” Ealer said.

“I’m not fundamentally opposed to this, but I’d rather not see it there,” Dickey said. “I would ask the council to put some good, common-sense restrictions on this to do it right.

“If they’re going to screen it, they should screen it all,” Dickey said of a sight-proof fence. “I think that would be in the best interests of everyone.”

Woods and Crocker said they thought a portion of the property should be fenced, but they requested they not have to enclose the entire 3-acre parcel.

The issue will return to the city planners’ agenda in April, where they could make a recommendation to the city on the annexation at that time.