A situation referred to as “bizarre” by St. Clair City Administrator Rick Childers involving the city’s storm warning sirens still had not been resolved by midday Tuesday.

Twice on Sunday and once on Monday morning, the warning siren near North Main Street and North Commercial Avenue sounded when St. Clair Fire Protection District personnel were called by Central County Dispatch.

The reason remains unknown.

“We have no idea what’s going on,” Childers said on Tuesday morning. “It just started happening for no apparent reason. We’re looking into it.

“It’s just bizarre.”

There has been no rhyme or reason to the siren being triggered as other calls were dispatched to fire personnel on Sunday, Monday and beyond after the first incident occurred on Sunday.

The city’s other siren did not wail, nor did the siren in Parkway Village.

The Missourian first was contacted on Monday morning by St. Clair Police Chief Bill Hammack shortly after the siren sounded on that day.

He said the incidence did happen twice on Sunday as well. He assured that in each case, the siren was a false alarm.

Central County Dispatch Executive Director Mike Turner told The Missourian that after he was made aware of what was happening, a police officer was sent to each of the three local sirens.

“I got a call on Sunday saying that the siren was being set off by our (dispatch) tones,” Turner said. “We checked on it by sending a police officer to the locations, and nothing out of the ordinary was found.”

Turner said Central County has not recently updated any of its equipment or procedures.

“It could be related to our tones, but it could be something else completely,” he said. “One would think that if the tone was setting it off, it would set them all off.

“It could just be a fluke thing.”

Childers said the matter will continue to be checked. No timetable was given as to when the situation will be resolved.