St. Clair High School will have men sitting in its top two chairs this fall who already are familiar with administrative duties as well as with the local students and community as Jeff Hamlett has been hired by the R-XIII district to be the assistant principal at the facility.

Hamlett, 44, currently the assistant principal at St. Clair Junior High, will join Mike Hunter, who earlier this month was promoted from SCHS assistant principal to principal.

The decision to move Hamlett was discussed during the board of education’s executive session on Feb. 14 and approved when the meeting returned to open session afterward.

“With his level of interest in the position, we believe it will best serve the district and the high school to pair him with Mr. Hunter at the high school,” R-XIII Superintendent Mike Murphy told The Missourian this week. “We felt this move was the best thing we could do as far as facilitating the leadership team at the high school.”

Hamlett will complete the academic year at SCJHS and will move to the high school during the summer. He has been the assistant principal at the junior high since the 2008-09 school year.

“I think the transition will be good,” Hamlett told The Missourian. “Having worked at the junior high for five years as the assistant principal, there will be some consistency to that role. Mr. Hunter will do a great job, and I am really looking forward to working with him.  It has been a great five years, but I am excited about this opportunity.”


Prior to being the SCJHS assistant principal, Hamlett, who has been in the education field for 19 years, was a character education teacher there for two years and also was the Bulldogs’ junior varsity basketball coach.

Before his stint in R-XIII, Hamlett was employed at DeVry University, the Francis Howell school district and at Meramec Valley Middle School. He currently is working on obtaining his specialist’s degree from Missouri Baptist University with an anticipated completion date of August. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in physical education from Blackburn College and his master’s degree in educational administration from Lindenwood University.

Moving Hunter to SCHS principal and Hamlett to assistant principal opens the No. 2 slot at the junior high. Murphy said that vacant position is being advertised, and applications will be accepted from both inside and outside the district. The new junior high administrator will be hired in as timely a fashion as possible, Murphy said.

Additional Position

Murphy and Assistant Superintendent Tanya Vest also said that the board approved hiring an administrative intern for the high school beginning this fall. That position also has been advertised.

“With a new principal coming in and a new assistant, we thought about having someone who can help take care of some of the discipline problems as well as help in other areas so the principals can focus more on academics,” Vest said. “We need to make sure we stay on track academically, and we think that adding this position would be a good way to ensure that.”

Murphy stressed, however, that the position currently is being regarded as temporary and the individual hired will be considered an intern.

“The position will be reviewed on an annual basis,” he said. “Whether we retain it or not will be based on need.”

Murphy said the compensation for the position will be based on the teacher salary schedule currently in use with the stipulation that the job will require an extra 15 or so days from a teacher’s contract. That means the number of days the individual should work will be 196.