Mayor Herb Adams removed a $30,000 line item for the Pacific Youth Association (PYA) Cardinals Care project from the 2012-13 budget.

Speaking at the Feb. 19 board of aldermen meeting, Adams said he made the decision because there has been no progress on the project.

“We’re a small city and our funds are limited,” he said. “I have seen nothing moving forward on Cardinals Care.”

Adams said he wants to make it known that he intends to manage the city as he manages his personal affairs and as he manages the business of the company where he works.

The mayor added he did not consider the issue closed and is not ruling out future partnerships between the city and the PYA.

“The door is still open if they want to come back and work with me,” Adams said.

The PYA asked the city to partner with it in the $250,000 project which would create a tie between the PYA and St. Louis Cardinals, offering special services to the league’s youngest players.

The city created a budget line item for out-of-pocket costs for the city’s portion of the project, which included construction of a bridge over Brush Creek connecting the park with the new fields, and a restroom facility for ballpark patrons. Some of the work would have been done by city crews.

PYA officials said the organization would develop four ballfields with the help of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Cardinals Care, the charitable arm of the St. Louis Cardinals, provides assistance to local baseball programs. Since 1997, Cardinals Care has been building youth baseball fields, supporting youth baseball and funding children’s organizations and youth agencies.

The 2004 Redbird Rookies also provide equipment for any child who wants to play in Redbird Rookies as well as training for coaches and organizers.

The city agreed to construct a bridge that would be adequate for maintenance equipment from the main park across Brush Creek to the new fields and build a restroom to accommodate additional ballpark patrons.

The $30,000 has now been reverted back to the city’s general fund.