A festival is being planned to be the first annual celebration of all local pets.

The fund-raiser, set for Friday, June 7, from 2 to 7 p.m., is being organized by a group of dog lovers to benefit the city animal pound.

Three Pacific co-workers are combining their love for their own pets into a one-day pet celebration to collect supplies and funds that will make life more comfortable for temporary guests at the pound.

Corie Niederecker, Amanda Adams and Vikki Dahlen, employees of Title Max at 301 Hoven Drive, are calling their event Animal Awareness Day.

During the event, residents can pick up city tags for their animals at no charge. There also will be refreshments and drawings every hour.

Participants are asked to donate pet food, bedding, treats, toys and/or money to be used in caring for the animals temporarily housed in the city pound.

“We just had the idea that some people don’t know there is a pound in Pacific,” Niederecker said. “This is about how much we love our animals but it’s also about doing something for our local community.”

Richard Adams, animal control officer, will be on hand for the event.

Niederecker and Adams spoke at the May 7 board of aldermen meeting to raise awareness about the event.

“We’re also visiting some places and groups in the city to let them know (about the event),” Niederecker said. “We hope to have a good turnout.”

Three Pacific businesses are sponsoring the event. Keith Bruns’ Pacific Subway will provide refreshments. Pigg’s Pets is working to collect pet food for the participants, and Pacific Animal Hospital will be on hand to provide vaccination information.

The three organizers own Chihuahuas. Niederecker has a 5-year-old Sophie. Adams has 1-year-old also named Sophie, and Dahlen’s 4-year-old Blue Chihuahua is named Chopper. Niederecker also has a 1-year-old Great Dane who is being trained by Sonata, the family’s 12-year-old Border collie.

Adams is the daughter of the animal control officer.