Pacific officials made a phone call to Brush Creek Sewer District Director John Griesheimer offering to set up a meeting to discuss a lawsuit the city has filed against the sewer district, according to Mayor Herb Adams.

The directors of the sewer district are the three Franklin County commissioners — Griesheimer, Mike Schatz and Tim Brinker.

The city has filed a lawsuit against the sewer district for breach of contract, but has indicated that it is willing to meet with the commissioners to settle the dispute outside the courtroom.

The suit seeks repayment for costs involved in the sewer district exceeding its 200,000 gallon daily limit. The city also wants the district to repair structural problems that allow stormwater infiltration into the system and to disconnect the Travelodge hotel, which the suit claims was connected without consent from Pacific.

In a March 18 meeting with reporters, sewer district commissioners said a report was being prepared detailing the scope and cost of repairing infiltration problems and that they did want to meet with Pacific officials to discuss the details.

“Mr. Griesheimer didn’t answer his phone so we left a message,” Adams said. “Basically we said that we were agreeable to hold a preliminary closed meeting to discuss the issues.”

The offer to meet included the condition that Pacific would send its team, City Administrator Harold Selby, City Attorney Dan Vogel, City Engineer Dan Rahn and Water Commissioner Robert Brueggemann.

The sewer district would be free to choose its team.

“In that first meeting I expect that people would have some opinions they wish to air and they’d be free to do that,” Adams said. “After that we want all meetings to be held in public. We want them posted and we want the press and the public invited. At those meetings we’d expect all the parties to display professionalism for the public.”