The Pacific Eagles say they built their 707 W. Congress St. building with funds from its Friday night bingo.

As the final payment on the building nears and the popularity of the once-a-week bingo games holds pace, the Eagles now share their proceeds with other community programs.

“Bingo had a very good first quarter,” said Dan McClain, bingo chair. “This helped us fulfill our commitment to the Tri-County Senior Center.”

McClain and members of the bingo committee recently delivered a $5,000 check to the senior center matching the contribution the Eagles made last year.

“It felt so good the last time we made a donation,” McClain said. “When we looked out on that crowd — and I mean the room was packed — we could see how our community benefits from the program.

“The senior center is a very valuable institution in the city,” he added.

Garold Rulon, a man known as “Mr. Pacific Eagle” started the weekly bingo games in 1986 with McClain as a helper. When Rulon died in 1994, following a Friday night bingo, McClain was tapped to chair the program.

Currently, it takes about 20 people, some part time, to operate the popular Friday evening games.

In addition to McClain, bingo committee members are Michael Noe, Dan Ich, Jerry Eversmeyer, Dennis Hawkins, Carol Johnson, Penny Morgan, Frank Rogan and Tim Richardson.