People walking or driving on Elm Street in Downtown Washington will notice a change on one of the buildings.

Two pairs of wings have been meticulously painted on the side of Four Seasons Florist shop at 211 Elm St.

The 9-foot-tall wings represent the floral side of business, with flowers and leaves decorating the 6-foot width. The smaller wings are sized for children and depict the four seasons — summer, fall, winter and spring.

The florist also has started a Facebook group called “Wings of Washington” for the community to share photos taken with the wings.

The shops’ Instagram page, @four_seasons_florist_washmo, will serve as a central place to gather photos from the community with the hashtag #wingsofwashington.

Owner Julie Prenger is hopeful that when people take pictures with the wings they will share them on social media.

Prenger was approached local artist and entrepreneur Kelly Brinkmann about the possibility of painting the wings on the building.

“She thought I had the perfect wall area to do the wings,” said Prenger. “I wouldn’t have even thought of doing something if I wasn’t approached.”

Brinkmann said her goal is to add more artwork to enrich the community. She recommended Janet Rudd, Creative Touch Paint and Design, to paint the large set of wings.

“It’s a great community place to have a memory in the town,” said Rudd.

Another local artist, Jessica Ahner from Ahner’s Art from the Heart, created the smaller set of wings.

“The wings are a symbol for anyone going through something,” said Anher. “And it gets people to interact with each other.”

The murals were completed Tuesday, just in time for the Downtown Washington Inc. Fall Festival of the Arts & Crafts, which will take place this weekend. Vendors will be set up along Main and Elm streets.

Wing murals are becoming increasingly popular around the country. The closest mural to Washington is in Rosebud at the Grand Antique Mall.

“The wings to me are in loving memory of people, like Michel (Otten) who owned Four Seasons before me,” said Prenger.