City council liaison assignments proposed by Mayor Sandy Lucy were approved May 6.

Council members and their assignments are:

Traffic Committee — Greg Skornia Ward 3, and Mark Wessels, Ward 2.

Fire Department Committee — Nick Obermark, Ward 1, and Mark Hidritch, Ward 2.

Downtown Core Restructuring Committee — Gretchen AuBuchon Pettet, Ward 4, and Wessels.

353 Redevelopment Corporation — Skornia and Steve Sullentrup, Ward 1.

Transportation and Airport committees — Joe Holtmeier, Ward 4, and Sullentrup.

Public Works Committee — Sullentrup and Wessels.

Solid Waste Committee — Pettet and Jeff Patke, Ward 3.

Parks Board — Obermark and Patke.

Tree Board — Obermark.

Preservation Commission — Skornia and Holtmeier.

Library Board — Skornia and Pettet.

Tourism Commission — Pettet.

Finance Committee — Wessels.

Comprehensive Plan Review — Hidritch and Patke.

Stormwater Committee — Patke and Sullentrup.

Emergency Services Committee — Obermark

Safety Committee — Holtmeier.