Empac Industrial Resources’ north facility, formerly called Sheltered Workshops, Inc., recently named John Walsh to the position of plant manager.

The announcement came during the company’s 50th anniversary celebration. Walsh will succeed Bob Koch.

Koch has served as the plant manager since 2003.

Walsh started with Sheltered Workshops, Inc. now Empac Industrial Resources in 1994. His main area of expertise was in the fabrication room where they make custom wood pallets, shipping crates and other custom built wood products.

Walsh also has managed the company’s safety program, including OSHA compliance. In addition to those duties, Walsh took on responsibility for logistics and many aspects of customer service and quoting.

“We are very excited to make this announcement,” said Bob Koch, former plant manager. “John has been with us for many years and he has the knowledge, expertise and drive for this position. Our employees love John and were very excited to hear about his promotion.”

Koch will stay on with Empac Group doing special projects including serving as mentor for Walsh and the plant manager at the Sullivan location.

“I am excited to take on this responsibility,” said Walsh. “We run an amazing business here and we do it with amazing people. I look forward to seeing just how much we can change and grow for the good of our customers and our employees.”