The planning and zoning commission will recommend a two-year extension on a temporary structure at Shicker Ford in Union.

The manufactured building currently is being used as a car lot sales office at the business’s preowned lot on Highway 50.

Owner John Shicker, in a letter to City Administrator Russell Rost, said the extension will allow the business to plan and finance a permanent structure “that will be much more appealing to everyone, along with our name change Shicker Ford of Union, to progress in a fashion more representative of Shicker and the city of Union.”

Rost noted that the city passed an ordinance allowing the business to have the structure with an option for an extension. The initial period has expired and first extension is set to expire soon.

To make the allowance, the board of aldermen will have to amend the ordinance.

Dan Helmsing, operations manager at Shicker Ford’s Union and Washington locations, said the business is showing signs of moving forward.

The temporary building, he said, has allowed the business to accommodate customers.

Helmsing said the employee census, at 55 full and part-time employees, is the highest it’s been since the purchase of the business in 2001.

“I guess we’re cautious in our industry,” he said, considering economic changes that have happened as recently as 2008.

“This is definitely part of our plan,” he told the plan board. “It’s a family business and (we have) every intention of growing and expanding.”

The additional two years requested would allow the business to come up with the proper financing and planning for a permanent structure without creating a financial burden for the company.

“It’s part of our future here in Union,” he said.

Karen B.

UNW temporary structure