Earns Platinum Award

Union Machinery recently was honored with the Platinum award from UniCarriers Americas Corporation (UCA) as part of its Aftermarket Excellence Program (AEP) Awards. The business is located at 40 Mel Goers Drive. From left are Michael Lanham, parts manager, Union Machinery; Don Miller, aftermarket manager, southeast region, Unicarriers Americas; Mike Lanham Sr., vice president of parts and service, Union Machinery; Glen Corlett, president and CEO, Union Machinery; and Kevin Fick, director, aftermarket, UniCarriers Americas. ? Submitted Photo.

Citing excellence in aftermarket service, Union Machinery (UM), 40 Mel Goers Drive, has received the Platinum award from UniCarriers Americas Corporation (UCA) as part of its Aftermarket Excellence Program (AEP) Awards.

The AEP is designed to reward and recognize dealers who have excelled in aftermarket parts and service.

This year’s AEP Awards marks the third time Union Machinery received an award, and the second year in a row it has been honored with the Platinum award — the highest level available.

The AEP challenges UCA dealers to achieve high performance benchmarks across eight unique categories, some of which include business planning, employee training, factory support, and customer satisfaction.

Each category has a maximum point value that dealers can earn in order to reach four possible award levels: bronze, silver, gold, or platinum.

The end-result provides dealers with higher service margins, improved parts sales and more efficient work order processing, while in-turn providing the customer with the highest level of service and support, increased productivity, greater cost savings, increased satisfaction, and quality parts delivered when they are needed.

“We’re very proud to be recognized for the value we offer to our fellow local businesses who depend on us to keep their operations running, and whose loyal business has made this success possible,” said UM founder and CEO Glen L. Corlett.

Dealers who achieved platinum, gold, silver, or bronze were rewarded for their efforts, which vary from aftermarket parts discounts to national recognition of their service.

“The AEP represents the very best in aftermarket service and Union Machinery has gone above and beyond in all areas this award stands for,” said Kevin Fick, director of aftermarket sales for UniCarriers Americas.

First established in 1995 as the Service Excellence Program to provide dealers with tools to implement best-in-class principles covering technical and customer service practices, UniCarriers Americas Corporation enriched the program in 2014 as the Aftermarket Excellence Program with the inclusion of parts operations metrics to create a more comprehensive aftermarket program.


Union Machinery is a locally owned business specializing in forklifts and material handling.

UM sells a full line of state of the art new forklifts and pallet trucks from UniCarriers, Komatsu, and Blue Giant, as well as offering a fully updated fleet for short and long term rentals.

Since 1993 Union Machinery has served Franklin County, greater St. Louis, and all of eastern and central Missouri.