Mad Buffalo Distillery, Union, has officially changed its name to Coulter & Payne Farm Distillery.

Mad Buffalo started production in 2012 with an unaged white whiskey “moonshine,” based on a family recipe that has been handed down for generations. Their moonshine, vodka and bourbon are bottled under the Thunderbeast label.

“Prior to Prohibition, whiskey was a staple of farmers and homesteaders throughout the United States,” said Chris Burnette, Distillery president and CEO. “My own family history includes many farmers who distilled grain as a means of survival. To better reflect this, we’ve decided to change our name to something that depicts our dedication to our family and to the family farm. Our spirits are estate-grown, meaning that every step, from planting to bottling, takes place on our own farm. Every bottle has been handcrafted, from field to glass, by myself or a member of my family.”

The distillery will introduce two new labels and phase out its Thunderbeast label as a result of the name change. The first label, Crop Circle Spirits, will house the unaged products, such as their corn whiskey and vodka.

The second, aptly named Coulter & Payne Whiskey, will house all their aged whiskies. The distillery will begin introducing its new brands over the next few months while it phases out production of its Thunderbeast Brand.

Of the hundreds of new, craft distilleries in the country, only about a quarter actually make a complete product from start to finish themselves, according to Burnette.

Most opt to purchase someone else’s premade neutral grain spirits or pre-made whiskeys and either simply bottle it in their own label or run it through a still once to be able to list it as “distilled by” on their label.

All the while telling their customers that they’ve “made” their product. In fact, a bulk of “craft” whiskeys are actually made at a large factory distillery in Indiana.

Despite the cost, who take their craft one step further. They are one of less than 15 or so distilleries in the country to actually grow their own grain. Because of this, Coulter & Payne Farm Distillery is as much a farm as it is a spirit producer, Burnette added,

Their traditional recipe is made from 100 percent non-GMO Missouri corn, grown, milled, malted, cooked, mashed, fermented, and distilled on site at the family farm, Shawnee Bend Farms, in Union, Missouri. Distillery owners hope to not only make a great tasting whiskey, but help their customers reconnect with the nation’s agricultural heritage and whiskey-making traditions. They do this by creating a unique product that is “sustainable, environmentally friendly, and simply tastes great.”

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