Two special use permits for short-term lodging at apartment complexes were approved Oct. 28 by the Washington City Council.

Lisa Brown Greife, Washington, requested special use permits for a 12-unit apartment building at 8 West 10th St., and a four-unit apartment building located 1317 Stafford St.

The council voted 8-0 to approve the requests. The city’s planning commission gave first-round approval Oct. 14.

Short-term lodging, anything less than 30 days, requires a special use permit for any zoning district outside of C-3 overlay districts.

Sal Maniaci, community and economic development director, said city staff recommended approval of permits at both locations, stating that short-term rentals are “insignificant to the surrounding area and should not detriment the neighborhood.”

Greife owns three adjacent buildings on West 10th Street. She only sought special use permits at one building on the street, which is in a R-3 multi family zoning district. All 12 units will be required to receive a new occupancy inspection to meet the requirements for short-term lodging.

The 1317 Stafford St. permit is for a building located in a R-4 planned residential district. The special use permit allows the applicant to accept lodgers for periods of 30 days and less. All four units will be required to receive a new occupancy inspections.