A Marthasville bar and grill will reopen this weekend after closing due to flooding in late April.

Cori’s Twin Gable owner Cori Simpkins said the Marthasville eatery has been completely renovated after suffering yet another flood. She estimated the building had gone without repair for at least six past floods in the area.

“When we first flooded we thought it was going to be a few weeks of downtime to fix wet floors and put new ones down,” Simpkins said. “We have literally rebuilt the entire building from the inside out. It’s been four months of constant work.”

Cori’s Twin Gables was evacuated May 2, after several days of rain flooded the area.

Simpkins said more than 90,000 gallons of water had to be drained from the building’s basement. She said the bar and grill is unrecognizable after the renovations.

Volunteers from throughout the Marthasville community pitched in to get Cori’s open again, she noted. The community also showed up to help move items out of the restaurant when the water began rising.

“I have been so blessed with so many wonderful people helping,” Simpkins said. “There have been a couple of carpenters who have been here every night for three months. They want to see this place back open, I have had a lot of help from the community and people around here.”

Simkins said she hopes to be open by Friday, Sept. 1, and said there will be live music all weekend as there always has been. She’s excited for the community to see the newly renovated building, and for her personally, to see the friendly faces back at the bar.

“We’ve just been working really hard to rebuild it and get her together,” she said. “We’re excited for people to come back. All of us helped put the place back together and we’re excited to show it off.”