Washington residents shipped double the parcels in 2018 on Sundays than in the year prior, according to Tim Ratliff, Missouri Postal Service spokesperson.

Ratliff explained the postal service is offered Sunday specifically for Priority Mail Express and certain Amazon packages.

The Washington Post Office at 1777 Washington Crossing off Highway 100 experienced its heaviest delivery day Monday, Dec. 17. The second heaviest day was Thursday, Dec. 20. 

“It was a really intense time for the postal service,” Ratliff said. 

In general, the postal service saw a 19 percent increase during the peak season. 

The busiest week for the postal service was Dec. 17-22. 

“Roughly 200 million packages, including cards, were shipped out during that week,” Ratliff said.  

Ratliff also commented on the customer service the Washington branch offered.  

“They wanted to make sure they delivered every single parcel so they would arrive on time for Christmas,” he said. “It’s important to them that they take care of customers.”

Ratliff included that the staff even stayed late on Christmas Eve.  

The postmaster for the Washington branch is Eli Sandhaus.