Despite the overall number of building permits applied for being the same in January and February, the number of single-family dwelling permits dropped last month and is nearly 20 less than in 2018.

According to the Franklin County Building Department February report, 53 permits were applied for in eight separate categories.

Of the total applied for, only 33 permits were issued and of that only five were for single-family dwellings, which is half of the total single family permits issued this time last year.

An additional five permits were issued in February for residential additions and modifications, and seven permits were issued for other nonresidential buildings.

The estimated value of the new single family dwellings is $1,303,325; nonresidential permits are valued at $258,120; and the residential additions and modifications are valued at $131,000.

Rounding out the new permits for February are one permit each for public works or utilities, structure other than a building, and additions of garages or carports.

Those three projects have a combined estimated value of $156,000.

Last Year 

Overall, the building department issued 893 total permits in 2018 which is the highest number since 2007.

Total construction value for 2018 came to $144,918,360, which is the highest since 2008 and the highest construction value for a single year since county records have been kept.

The report shows a decrease in single-family dwellings with 178 permits issued in 2018, which is down by 17 from 2017.

Even with the decline in permits, construction valuation for single-family dwellings still totaled $43,261,374. Of those, 44 homes were valued at more than $300,000 and two were valued at $500,000 and two at $700,000.

The average square footage in 2018 came to 1,802 and the average construction cost for a single-family dwelling was $243,041.

Seven duplexes were issued construction permits in 2018 compared to only three in 2017.

The average construction cost was $337,857 and the average size was 3,185 square feet.