The Washington School Board listened to a facilities update at its meeting Wednesday.

The district’s facilities committee, which includes board members, maintenance and grounds staff, and administrators, had met earlier to discuss the report.

The update included promised bond issue projects that have been completed, and other planned, but minor capital repairs and equipment that were completed as part of the annual capital projects budget for this fiscal year.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Mahon also shared information regarding a roof audit conducted in conjunction with Kevin Hunewill, building and grounds director, Glen Bade, maintenance supervisor, and Weatherproofing Technologies Inc., a company used by multiple school districts vetted through the EdPlus Cooperative in St. Louis.

The roof audit noted the roof sections completed in previous bond issues, but it also identified roof sections districtwide that need to be done in the near future.

Both the Washington Middle School roof and administration building are in the high-need, high-priority category.

The roof audit has resulted in a five-year plan that is prioritized based on condition and estimated in terms of cost.

Over the course of the next five years, the estimated cost of roof repairs districtwide is approximately $2.8 million dollars.

Other items on the capital project request list include HVAC units at the middle school, along with some smaller cost items like carpet replacement in some buildings, track maintenance, field maintenance, district kitchen equipment and flat work.

“We have approximately $1.5 million in immediate capital facility requests for fiscal year 2019, but only a planned budget of $1 million to pay for it,” said Mahon. “We also have to remember that we have other items, although not immediate, that will need to be addressed in the near future.”

School officials said the board will prioritize projects and expenses for the coming year and beyond.

Superintendent Dr. VanLeer reminded the board about analyzing how best to levy pennies within their current tax levy to align their budget to the priorities selected. Inevitably, some items will be deferred, she said.

“We aren’t a small district, we have 14 buildings to maintain and limited resources to do it,” Mahon said.

VanLeer said the Facilities and Learning Environment Strategic Planning team will dive deep into these issues, in addition to more safety upgrades, and building capacity data, to come up with potential short-term and long-term solutions.