Schnuck Markets Inc. has announced the Schnucks Rewards app is making shopping easier than ever with the addition of two new features — shopping lists and a wellness guide.

The in-app shopping list automatically organizes the order of customers’ lists based on the layout of their selected Schnucks store, while the wellness guide allows customers to view nutritional information and labels, as well as attributes such as heart smart, gluten-free, high protein, and organic.

Schnucks Rewards also now denotes WIC-approved products.

“We heard our customers saying that they’re time-starved and also hungry for more health and wellness information,” said Schnucks Vice President of Marketing Ted Schnuck. “These new Schnucks Rewards features will make customers’ experiences in our stores more convenient, and take the guesswork out of nutritional planning by placing wellness information right at their fingertips.”

Customers can add items to their in-app shopping list in one of three ways — typing in the name of the item, scanning a product barcode, or clicking on an item in the Schnucks digital ad.

Once an item is added to the shopping list, the Schnucks Rewards app automatically clips any available Schnupons — exclusive digital coupons — for instant additional savings.

The Schnucks Rewards app shopping list updates in real time, allowing customers who share the same Rewards account to leave a note for a family member or to cross off items that have already been purchased. The Rewards app also makes it easy to view each item’s price.

Schnucks Rewards, launched in August of 2018, allows members to earn 10 rewards points for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases. After accruing 1,000 points (the equivalent of $100 in purchases), customers earn $2 off a future purchase.

Schnucks Rewards members can redeem dollars as they are earned or allow them to accumulate to spend in bulk (up to $500).

The Schnucks Rewards app can be downloaded to smartphones through the App Store or Google Play. Schnucks Rewards also is accessible on desktops and tablets.