Prock Operations Inc. and Lozier Corporation announce that Prock Operations has purchased the name, intellectual property and substantially all of the manufacturing equipment for the Spartan Showcase product line in Union from Lozier.

Prock Operations, headquartered in St. James, is a manufacturing company with divisions specializing in the production of walk-in coolers and freezers, cabinetry and fixtures, acrylic solid surface and recycled and renewable surfacing solutions, and melamine panels and Xcelamine water-resistant panels for the convenience store, food service, and retail industries.

The acquisition of Spartan Showcase will allow Prock Operations to offer display showcase options, further supporting the company’s mission of being a “one-stop shop” for their customers.

Spartan Showcase has provided high-quality display solutions for nearly 70 years.

“We approached Lozier as they were exiting the glass showcase business because we thought the Spartan Showcase products would be a great fit with our existing manufacturing business,” said Dennis Prock, founder of Prock Operations. “We see a seamless transition of the Spartan Showcase products into our outstanding group of divisions that manufacture high-quality fixtures for convenience stores, food service companies and other industry powerhouses.”

“In Prock Operations, we saw the perfect company to continue Spartan Showcase’s excellent tradition as we focus our resources on our core metal and import business,” said Bob Leesman, Lozier operations manager for the Spartan Showcase facility.

“We have long had a great working relationship with Prock Operations, and we know they will continue the Spartan Showcase tradition of excellent products and customer service,” he added.

Prock Operations will move Spartan Showcase to its existing manufacturing campus in St. James after Lozier finishes all prior committed work.

Prock Operations will start limited showcase production in December 2017 and will launch full showcase production in the first quarter of 2018.

This past August, Lozier Corporation announced that it was closing Spartan Showcase in Union this fall. A total of 92 people were employed at the plant at that time.