Snow at the Downtown Post Office

Washington residents shipped more parcels in 2017 than in the year prior, according to Postmaster Lilly Conforti.

The Contract Postal Unit (CPU), operated by Downtown Washington Inc., also saw an increase, said Bridgette Kelch, executive director.

The Washington Post Office at 1777 Washington Crossing off Highway 100 had an 8.7 percent increase in parcels this past year.

Conforti said 2017 was better slightly better than the previous year.

The busiest day of the year for the post office was Dec. 11, with roughly 3,695 packages shipped that day. The office typically handles about 1,500 items per day.

Between Nov. 18 and Jan. 3, the post office delivered 106,433 packages to the Washington area. December was the best month of the year.

Conforti noted there was an uptick in Christmas cards in 2017.

“Christmas cards were heavier than they have been in the past,” she said. “We got a ton of them and that’s a good thing because our letter volume has dropped over time.”

Conforti said 2017 overall was a great year for the post office and she hopes 2018 will be a year of growth.

“I think we’re feeling good because we’re up from last year and our parcel count is increasing constantly,” she added.

The CPU in Downtown Washington also was busy during the holiday season, Kelch said. Profits were up roughly 5 percent in 2017 over the prior year.

The CPU made about $346,086 in 2017, roughly $10,000 more. Postage was up by roughly 10 percent and packages by 19 percent.

Kelch said the increase is a “big deal” since so many branches are losing money.

“It was a great year,” she said. “It’s good news and we’ve been aggressive since it’s only going to get harder and harder.”

Kelch said the downtown CPU also saw a resurgence in Christmas cards.

“We had a great holiday season and we’re looking forward to next year,” she said.