Kuenzel Construction Company received a conditional use permit for a home office.

The permit was granted by unanimous vote at the Sept. 19 Franklin County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Brent Kuenzel said he has an office in Union but was looking to move to property on Highway V near Old St. Louis Rock Road. He said the property has a barn and a small house that he would like to use for his construction company business.

Kuenzel said the small house would be renovated and turned into an office. The barn would be repaired and converted into storage for his equipment. He also said he may, in the future, build another barn to store more equipment if his business keeps growing.

There was no opposition to his request. Two neighbors had questions about the CUP procedure, but didn’t not object to the plans.

The board debated how to limit Kuenzel to prevent him from using all 41-plus acres. Several commissioners expressed concerns about the future shed being built anywhere on the site and far away from the other buildings.

Kuenzel said he would like to build the shed near the existing buildings. The board proposed a condition limiting new construction to within 300 feet of the existing buildings.

Another condition put a timer on when he had to start construction of the new building. The way CUPs work is, if all the conditions are not met within the first year, or there’s not significant progress, the permit expires.

Planning Director Scottie Eagan said having the CUP mention a third building that doesn’t exist meant Kuenzel would have to at least start construction on the new shed within the first year or risk losing his permit.

The board reached a compromise and said construction had to start within three years of the permit being approved. If Kuenzel wasn’t ready, he would have to come back for the board and reapply to keep his CUP. Kuenzel agreed to the condition.

With the conditions, the board unanimously approved the CUP.