A total of 132 permits were issued by Washington’s building department during July, an increase over the 44 permits issued in June, according to a city report.

Listed below is a breakdown of the types of projects, number of permits issued and estimated construction costs for those projects:

  • Accessory building, one, $850;
  • Residential addition, one, $65,000;
  • Commercial alteration, three, $36,000;
  • Residential alteration, four, $128,000
  • Single-family building, three, $470,000;
  • Single-family attached, two, $220,000;
  • Deck, three, $5,900;
  • Variance, two;
  • Electrical service, three, $1,850;
  • Fire sprinkler system, one, $9,500;
  • Fireworks, one, $3,000;
  • Commercial certificate of occupancy, four;
  • Multifamily occupancy, 28;
  • Single-family certificate of occupancy, 54;
  • Two-family certificate of occupancy, 13;
  • Preliminary plat, two;
  • Sign, two, $8,760;
  • Street excavation, one, $1,500;
  • Swimming pool, three, $39,100; and
  • Sewer lateral/repair, one.

The total estimated valuation of the projects in July was $989,460.

In June, the estimated valuation was $959,992.

Last month, the building department issued one permit each for industrial alteration, single-family attached building, demolition, fireworks, fire sprinkler system, historic design review, industrial certificate of occupancy, street excavation and swimming pool.

Also in June, the department issued two permits each for residential addition, single-family attached, and mobile home setup; three permits for residential alterations and signs, four for commercial alterations and electrical services, seven for decks and eight commercial certificates of occupancy.