Optima Dental Group, Union, has been named the St. Louis Ambush official dentist.

“This is quite an honor and a tremendous opportunity to partner with a professional sports teams from St. Louis,” said Dr. Michael Edwards, owner of Optima Dental Group.

The St. Louis Ambush, a professional indoor soccer team, is headquartered in St. Charles and plays its home games in Family Arena.

The Ambush is a member of the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) and is part of the new era in indoor soccer.

“This sport is growing,” said Tony Glavin, a St. Louis soccer legend who played for and coached the original St. Louis Steamers, and now is the head coach and co-owner of the Ambush.

“We’re teaming up with area companies that support indoor soccer and realize its growth potential.”

The relationship between Coach Glavin and Dr. Michael Edwards goes back several years to when they worked together to bring professional soccer to St. Louis. The MASL is made up of 22 indoor soccer teams, so people who love to watch the game don’t have to give it up over the winter.

A recent poll shows nearly 7 million Americans call themselves soccer fans. And 30 percent of American households have a family member who currently plays or did play soccer. Right now, there are more than 100,000 youth soccer players in St. Louis. Many of their parents played the game growing up and now are fans in the stands.

Indoor soccer fans appreciate the climate control and the fast-paced action you experience at indoor stadiums as opposed to the slower-paced play and the bugs and rain you can get outdoors. The original St. Louis Ambush thrilled fans from 1992-2000 and won the National Premier Soccer League Championship in 1995. The current Ambush franchise kicked off in 2013 and got a new ownership group this season.

Optima Dental Group is located at 124 W. Main St., Union. For more information about the office, people may visit www.optimadentalgroup.com.