The Franklin County Health Department is making good pace in terms of getting restaurants inspected this year, an official said.

There have been no food establishments shut down this year due to sanitation problems, said Tony Buel, health department epidemiology specialist.

However, he said there have been violations found at some establishments. But he said there is no way to tell how many.

Buel added that he does not know if any of the violations have been very serious.

There have been a few instances of food establishments opening early without the correct equipment, and they had to close down temporarily until the correct equipment was installed, Buel said. But that did not have anything to do with sanitation issues, he added.

People who go out to eat in Franklin County should feel secure that they are eating at sanitary establishments, Buel added.

The health department this year has conducted 535 food establishment inspections, with some of them being multiple inspections of the same establishments, Buel said.

There are 469 food establishments in the county, and the health department has been to 314 so far this year.

That means there are 155 more that still need to be inspected, he said.

Buel said the health department inspects each establishment at least once a year.

There are two part-time and one full-time inspectors working for the county, Buel noted. He added that all of the establishments will get inspected this year and that he feels the county has an adequate number of inspectors to do the job efficiently.

The health department is also close to finishing inspections of the county’s 20 hotels, Buel said, adding that all that is left to do on those is reinspections.