A historic home in Washington has been renovated into a B&B and hostel to host travelers on the Katy Trail and other guests.

Kurt and Peggy Hoefel, owners of the Hoefel Haus B&B and Bike Hostel, hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday, Sept. 21, to announce the grand opening of the bed and breakfast located at 504 W. Fifth St., Washington.

Upon walking through the door, a Bryan Haynes art piece stares back at visitors over a reception bar. Peggy said it tells time.

The piece depicts the story of Sylvester Labaddie Jr.’s fight with a bear. The title is “Sylvester Labaddie and the History of a Missouri River Town.” There’s a mural of the painting at the Hawthorne Inn in Labadie.

Continuing through the house, one could count a number of doors, but not all of them lead to anywhere in particular.

Peggy was the project manager for the renovations done on the 1910 Queen Anne home. She said the plumbing and electrical wiring had to be replaced. The renovations took a year and a half to complete.

After the renovations, a lot of the doors now lead to drywall. But, there are three doors that guests may prefer to open.

Those doors reveal three suite-style rooms complete with heated tile flooring and soaking tubs in the bathrooms, and king beds in the bedrooms.

Each bedroom has a framed picture of what it looked like before the renovation.

“We can’t believe how pretty it (turned out),” said Peggy, who wanted the rooms to have a neutral feel to it — not too girly and not too manly — so she decorated with planes, trains and automobiles themes.

Peggy will run the operations up-front and Kurt will work in the kitchen — a farm-to-table operation.

“He makes something out of nothing,” Peggy said describing her husband’s cooking ability.

Kurt said it has been his dream to own a bed and breakfast since he first stayed in one in 1990.

Bike Hostel

Peggy said the bike hostel part of the operation is geared toward those traveling the Katy Trail.

The hostel room has three beds that is rented out for a price per bed.

Since guests are paying per bed, Kurt said there is potential for a guest to sleep in the same room with someone they don’t know.  

The hostel bathroom does not have heated tile flooring.

Nonetheless, Peggy’s renovation work was not lacking in this room.

“We want people to feel pampered and comfortable while they’re here,” she said.

Common Areas

Aside from guest’s sleeping quarters, there are a number of common rooms for guests to relax.

Upstairs there is a sunlit library stocked with books, mini fridge and a coffee bar. On the main level there is a parlor with a fireplace.

Outside, there is a wrap-around porch and a screened porch both decorated with chairs and tables.

More information can be found at https://www.hoefelhausbbb.com/.