In a survey on the best and worst state economies by WalletHub, a personal-finance website, Missouri did not make the top 10 best or the top 10 worst. It is somewhere in the middle.

The best economies in the survey were, in order of their standing:

Washington, Utah, Massachusetts, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

The 10 worst, in the following order:

Maine, Rhode Island, Wyoming, Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alaska.

WalletHub also conducted a survey on the best states for jobs, and the worst states for jobs. The top 10 in each category were listed.

The best for jobs were Massachusetts, Washington, Colorado, Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Delaware, New Jersey, California and Rhode Island.

The worst for jobs were Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Alabama, Alaska, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and West Virginia.

Hawaii has the lowest unemployment rate at 2.4 percent. Alaska has the highest at 6.6 percent.