After more than two decades working as an insurance agent for other people, Jennifer McElwain has opened a Farm Bureau Insurance office at 1380 High St., Suite 8, in Washington.

“I worked at State Farm for 23 years, but it was always for another agent,” McElwain said.

When the opportunity presented itself to run her own office with Farm Bureau Insurance, she jumped at the chance. The office opened July 1.

McElwain said running her own operation hasn’t been a major transition.

“The business of insurance itself is the same,” she said. “I sell products that protects individuals’ financial ventures. I’m doing this for me as a way to represent my name. It’s exciting.”

McElwain sells life, auto, home, health and commercial insurance.

She has been in Washington for the past 18 years, all working for State Farm. She previously worked for State Farm for about seven years in Farmington.

“Insurance is something I never thought I’d be in for as long as I have been, but I enjoy helping people and I’ve stuck with it,” she said.

Her husband Andrew works as a banker. They have three children. When they first moved to Washington, McElwain took some time off to focus on her family.

“I had taken a little time off after we had our second child, but then I saw a State Farm ad in the paper, so I applied,” McElwain said.

Right now, McElwain isn’t hiring any other agents.

“It’s just me,” she said. “Once I get going longer, I’ll hire someone. Right now, it’s truly me smiling and dialing.”

McElwain can be reached at or 573-747-6790.

Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance was started by a group of Missouri farmers who sought an honest, plain speaking, no nonsense approach to protecting what was important to them, McElwain said. That same mentality is what drives our company to this day.

“No matter what you do, what you drive or where you live, we treat you with the same dignity and respect you’d expect from the farmers that started this company,” she said.