Historic buildings are often neglected and deteriorate over time from their once grand state. The Marthasville Bank Building, circa 1857, will not be one of them.

Tyann Marcink, author, photographer, educator, website designer and vacation rental expert, recently added the bank to her list of “to do” projects.

The prior owner of the bank, located in downtown Marthasville on Depot Street, was Dr. William McHugh, dentist and well-known resident of southern Warren County. McHugh spent years renovating the building, preserving its character. The Warren County Record was one of McHugh’s upstairs renters before moving to Warrenton.

Marcink, native of Franklin County and resident of Union, is the mother of three boys. She has deep Missouri roots and intends to extend them deeper by investing in the part of the country she loves. Her great-great-great-grandparents, German immigrants, named the nearby town of Lyon.

“When I walked in I said ‘This is it.’ I’m thrilled to be in the Marthasville community and look forward to doing the best I can to bring people to visit the town and the local businesses,” said Marcink.

She plans to offer the bank building and the house next door as vacation rentals. Although open to any traveler, she will market the bank building as a great venue for wedding parties and bachelorette groups. Wondering what to do with the original bank vault, Marcink has decided to turn it into a dressing room with wall-to-wall mirrors and lights installed especially for brides and bridesmaids.

Marcink is not new to vacation rentals. She began by building a home in Branson in 2007 and offering it as a “whole house” vacation rental. She soon built her second, catering to families or friends who want to vacation together.

Her next goal was to become “one of the best vacation rental photographers” in the world. Since then she has become an industry leader in vacation rental photography, an international speaker at vacation rental conferences and has spoken in world summits online. Her photographs grace the HomeAway/Airbnb vacation rental websites.

She hosts vacation rental boot camps, along with business partner Alanna Schroeder called VR Mastered. They provide hands-on courses on photography, marketing, best practices, workflow and hospitality.

Marcink said she always has her “eye out for new opportunities.” She opened a vacation rental in Union last July called Hoover Haus. She said the town was fully supportive. Her goal was to support the business traveler who might not want to stay in a hotel.

Little did she know that she would find a niche for people attending and showing their dogs at Purina Farms in Gray Summit. She made the Union property “dog friendly” and is proud that many of her guests are award-winning pooches.

Work has already begun on the bank building in Marthasville. Marcink said the open layout is perfect for her plans to bring people together. Behind the large front window she will install a kitchen with the dining area and living room on the ground floor. The facility will be handicap accessible.

“I feel like people want to get back to the comfort of the old days,” she said. “Here they can get together with family and friends and enjoy each other.”

Bedrooms will be located upstairs and will sleep up to 12 people. The little house next door will be a one-bedroom rental.

Finding a contractor to fulfill her dream was a challenge, but Marcink said she found one in her hometown, J Smith Builders.

“It’s wonderful to find a contractor willing to renovate a historic building and can see my vision,” she said. “I’m very excited to see them create my vision.”

Marcink jokes about her very full schedule of projects, businesses and ideas, saying she hated cleaning so much she creates a new business instead.

“Being unable to stay still is a learned skill from my mom,” she quips. “It’s the window, the time in my life right now,” she comments about her multiple projects and travel schedule.

To learn more about Missouri Haus and get on the waiting list to stay at the Marthasville properties, visit missourihaus.com.

For more on Marcink, visit hello@tyannmarcink.com. She is also the owner of Little Elephant Company, offering a line of custom children’s room décor, and the creator of a line of sports art she calls “For the Love of the Game.