Begin Expansion Project

Marquart’s Landing on Front Street in Washington is expanding to add a new patio bar where a portion of the old Langenberg Hat Factory once was. This was the scene Monday, June 20, as crews began knocking down a wall with a mural painted on it. The mural was painted by East Central College students and had been in place since 1988. This part of the remodel is expected to be completed by fall.    

Missourian Photo.

Marquart’s Landing will soon have a new patio bar.

The new bar will be located inside the old Langenberg Hat Factory building, which owner Rick Marquart and his wife Karen purchased about three years ago.

The couple also own the Otis Campbell building and the old Hirschl and Bendheim pipe factory building. The block building on the east side of The Landing was the newer addition to old hat factory building.

The Marquarts have owned The Landing for about 9 years.

“Since Karen and I bought The Landing in 2002, we’ve never stopped trying to better the environment and the service there,” Marquart said.

The covered patio bar will have four arched openings that will enable the doors to open on nice days and close on warmer days, but still have a view of the Missouri River.

Because of the expansion, a 24-year-old mural on the east side of the hat factory building had to be demolished.

The mural was painted by East Central College students.

Marquart said he has wondered for years how to expand the patio and save the mural, but could not find a practical way to do it.

“I’ve done everything I could to preserve it, and it’s served as a great billboard to tourists as well as the local community,” Marquart said.

The expansion will allow for patio restrooms, which is sorely needed, he said, as well as a functional patio bar.

Other improvements to The Landing building have included flooring, lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling and tuckpointing.

Marquart said much of the work is being done by himself, his family and friends.

The patio bar will have a unique name, perhaps something to do with the hat factory, he added.

“I’m hoping that this new patio lighting and new bar will add beautiful atmosphere, especially at night,” he said.

To view a video rendering of what the new patio bar will look like, visit

Work on the project has begun and is expected to be completed by fall.