The Disability Resource Connection-Franklin County SB40 Resource Board announced that Kimberlyn MacDonald has accepted the appointment to the position of executive director.

MacDonald has been in the provisional position since May 24. She holds a Master of Science degree in community counseling and a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology.

An employee of the Franklin County SB40 Resource Board since 2013, she started as a member of the targeted case management (TCM) service coordination program and was promoted to assistant director of service coordination in 2015.

As assistant director, MacDonald has developed and implemented essential procedures that improved the efficiency of the service coordination program. As a member of the administrative team, she has been integral to the daily operations of both the SB40 and TCM programs while strengthening her expertise in fiscal management.

The board said MacDonald has exhibited strong leadership while in her provisional role. The board believes she has proven to be dedicated to the vision, mission and values of the Franklin County SB40 Resource Board.

The board also stated that MacDonald has been working collaboratively with community agencies to enhance the quality of life of the individuals and their families served.

“My priorities rest on person-centered supports through partnerships with families, service providers, governmental agencies and the community as a whole to ensure our individuals have meaningful lives through freedom of choice,” MacDonald said. “I believe in empowering our intellectual and developmental population to have a strong voice in the way their lives unfold.”

The Disability Resource Connection-Franklin County SB40 Resource Board was formed under the Senate Bill 40 (SB40) legislation in Franklin County in 1987. Under this legislation, money generated through a county tax is designated to provide services for persons with developmental disabilities.

A developmental disability is a condition such as intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism or a similar condition diagnosed before the age of 22.

The Disability Resource Connection-Franklin County SB40 Resource Board Service Coordination staff assist individuals served in meeting their personal needs and goals and in obtaining the maximum degree of independence and inclusion in their everyday life.

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