To The Editor:

I would like to give a big “Shout Out” to the guys that are working on the new ramps and curbs in Union.

Our home sits on a corner where the City of Union has been diligently working to replace and upgrade the sidewalks to conform to ADA standards. Our daughter, who happens to have disabilities herself, utilizes the sidewalk right in front of our house on a daily basis. We discussed our concerns as to where the ramp was going to be situated with City Engineer Jonathan Zimmermann.

He promptly came to our house, explained exactly where the ramp was going to be and reassured us that everything would be fine. When the construction began, the guys on the crew went out of their way to keep us informed of the status of the project.

They made the process very easy to deal with and were a pleasure to get to know — Chad Cox, Rob Cooper, Ethan Kirchhofer and Rod Cooper.

                 Barbara Laberer