Twice a year members of Washington’s Korean War Veterans Chapter 324 raise funds for veterans’ causes around Missouri.

Chapter 324’s veterans have fundraisers at businesses like Fricks in Union and Country Mart in St. Clair. Fundraising Chairman Ray Sovar, Villa Ridge, calls them first-rate.

“These stores are very cooperative,” Sovar said.

Sovar asserted while some businesses recently have discontinued the fundraising at their locations, Fricks and Country Mart, who still allow the chapter to solicit in front of their buildings, are cooperating with Franklin County’s veterans.

The chapter donates the funds raised to several local and state veterans’ causes including veterans homes in St. Louis County and St. James, the Fisher House, the Franklin County Honor Flight, the Washington JNROTC and for the veterans memorials in Union and Warrenton.

“All these are places that probably don’t need the few dollars that we give them but it makes us feel good that we can go to the public and accept donations and in turn give back to the veterans,” Sovar said. “The veterans in these homes are really appreciative.” 

This year the chapter had fundraisers at the Washington Town and Country Fair, and in the spring and fall at Fricks and Country Mart, where the veterans raised $5,330.

The total includes $1,000 from Mark Eggert, Chesterfield, son of Jack Eggert, New Haven, a member of the Washington Chapter.

Sovar said the group will return next year to have fundraisers at the area stores. Chapter members can be found during their fundraising days for four to five hours in front of the designated business with a container for donations and pamphlets explaining where the money goes. 

To date, Chapter 324 has raised more than $30,000 for the several veterans’ causes they support.

“You wouldn’t believe it till you stood there,” Sovar said. “These people are generous and they’re friendly and they want to give something back.”

Next year’s fundraising events have yet to be scheduled.